The Hospital Gift Shop

The Gift Shop is located in the lobby of the Sechelt Hospital.
We are “OPEN” Monday to Friday 10AM – 3:30PM, Saturday 10AM – 2PM.
Drop by for a visit and browse.
  • The main purpose of the Gift Shop at Sechelt Hospital is to provide patients with items they need to make their stay in the hospital as comfortable as possible. We provide toiletries and comfort items for them and great gift ideas to visitors and staff.
  • The Gift Shop also provides a service to visitors and staff and people have discovered that we have interesting gift ideas.  You can get your daily newspaper or find some nibblies and goodies for snacks.
  • Pharmasave provides us with “Emergency kits” for patients who arrive without a tooth brush, tooth paste and a comb. They are appreciated greatly by the nurses and patients. We are very grateful to John Kennedy of Pharmasave for providing us with these items
  • We carry hand knit baby items which are in great demand. Other items which are available are an array of cotton nighties and pyjamas, which make wonderful gifts or just buy one for yourself.  Jewellery and watches are a strong seller as are the purses, gloves and scarves.  Watch for a variety of seasonal items as spring products will soon be arriving.
  • One of 0ur biggest challenge is keeping the shop stocked with interesting items for sale. It is a constant challenge to find the “IT” items.
  • Our 48 volunteers that work in the shop every month and do a great job of being pleasant and helpful to customers, whether they are patients, staff or visitors.