As a parting gift, the Auxiliary gave Lauren Tindal a beautiful pepper grinder of First Nation design.

Candice Sayre, SCHA President presents a farewell gift to Lauren Tindall, Director, Sechelt Hospital.

Every time she grinds, she will think of us! Her parting gift to the Auxiliary was her heart-felt appreciation for our generosity as set out in her letter. Although some have said volunteers should not require demonstrations of appreciation, we all know better. How great to be appreciated for our hard work and the generosity of our volunteers and the community who supports the Auxiliary.

Candice Sayre,


“Thank you” just doesn’t capture the level of gratitude I feel for the continuing support of the Sunshine Coast Healthcare Auxiliary.

I regularly participate in the auxiliary board meetings, and late last year, during one of those meetings, they agreed to sign a funding letter valued at $926,430. Words failed me in that moment, and all I could think to say was “thank you.”

Immediately afterwards, I started making calls to everyone with equipment being funded to get the ball rolling on the purchases. It wasn’t until later, when I had a quieter moment to look at the funding letter, that it really hit me how incredible this was. Not only because of the amount – which is truly astounding – but because of the work that went into raising this much money. The countless volunteer hours in the thrift and gift shops, the bake sales, the awareness raising and the meetings at each of the chapters. It’s inspiring!

The Sunshine Coast Healthcare Auxiliary helps purchase equipment for all areas of the Sunshine Coast. There is no minimum value and they work tirelessly to help with equipment that is highly specialized and expensive.

This year, one of our purchases includes children’s play equipment for our public health unit. It will support moms, who are bringing in their babies for wellness checks, by giving siblings a place to play as they wait, and also support older kids who are coming in for vaccinations before starting kindergarten.  The funding will also allow us to purchase a very specialized microscope that our ophthalmologists will use during cataract surgeries.

As you may already know, in April we opened 12 additional beds at Sechelt Hospital. What was once the Ambulatory Care Unit is now a unit for our older adults waiting to transfer to a long-term care. The Auxiliary stepped up and provided the funding for equipment and furnishings to support the opening and ongoing care.

Each and every piece of equipment supports health and wellness for our community. The list is long and is constantly being reviewed, reworked and referred to. More than any other community I have worked in, the Sunshine Coast is extremely generous in its support of health care, and because of this, I’m able to lead a team of dedicated, talented and caring people to provide the best possible care.

I am grateful and, above all, so appreciative of the selfless and tireless generosity of the Sunshine Coast Healthcare Auxiliary.

2 South Equipment and furniture for a new 12 bed unit.

OR New surgical equipment for minimally invasive surgery.

OR Microscope to support cataract surgery

Medical imaging Wireless Detectors supporting radiology

Totem Lodge Medication Cart

Sechelt Hospital Defibrillators supporting advanced cardiac life support/resuscitation

OR/PAR Overhead lift for patient transfers

ED/LAB Point of care urine testing machine

Sechelt Hospital Overbed tables

Sechelt Hospital New cushions for our patient transport chairs

ACU Holter Monitor leads for overnight cardiac testing

ACU Auto ABI doppler 

Home Care Tilt Shower Commode

Sumac Place Eliptical exercise machine

Sumac Place Medication Cart

Public Health Children’s play equipment

Totem Lodge Wheelchair scale

Home Care Overhead lift slings 


Lauren Tindall,
Director Sechelt Hospital

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