In their Christmas stockings, the residents of Shorncliffe and Totem Lodge received a voucher from the Thrift Store.

As many of the residents don’t get out to do much shopping, we took the Thrift Store to them.

For about 6 weeks, volunteers at the store sorted a variety of clothes, shoes, accessories and jewellery that they thought might be appropriate. Many thanks to Anne Thomas, Lynne Bayzand, Donna Stevensen and Liz Wood.

On Wednesday, February 20th, we set up racks and display tables at Shorncliffe and the residents came in small groups to “shop”. Once they got started, they had a great time trying on or guesstimating size and most went away with at least one new outfit.

We quickly ran out of menswear and in the end there was very little left over.

Thanks go to the staff at Shorncliffe for organizing the residents and to our volunteer “dressers”, Anne Selder, Darlynne Gerhring, Grace Taylor, Karen Noon, Peggy Halliday, Candace Sayre and Jen Gray, who assisted with choices.

Definitely worth a repeat.

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