The Hopkins Landing branch held their AGM and Christmas luncheon on December 3rd.

The new officers were installed by Board Past President Gayle Bennett.

Hopkins AGM 1

From left to right: Gillian Wright – Treasurer, Pam Swanson – Publicity, Joan Anderson – Second Chair, Gerry Nimmo – First Chair, Kathy Conroy – Chair, Lynne Rempel – Past Chair, Gayle Bennett – Past Chair of St. Mary’s Hospital/Health Care Auxiliary

Hopkins AGM 2

Lovely Ladies of the Hospital Auxiliary – Hopkins Branch wearing their festive hats at their Christmas Luncheon

Hopkins AGM 3

Thelma Manning – Life Member of Hopkins Branch

  1. Hi,
    I am with the Sunshine Coast Hospice. Many months ago, a member of the Hopkins branch auxiliary contacted us to ask us to do a presentation to the Hopkins branch on Wednesday, January 4th.
    I am writing to ask if this is still something that you would like and to have someone contact us to follow up.
    Doreen George
    604-740-0475 Ext 4

    • Thank you Doreen. I’ve passed on the message to someone who can connect with you.

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