Proudly celebrating our community service on the Sunshine Coast

We are committed to providing volunteer services and raising funds to enhance the quality of healthcare on the Sunshine Coast.

We raise money for healthcare on the coast, but we do so much more:

  • Operate the loan cupboard at Sechelt Hospital.
  • Operate the gift store at Sechelt Hospital.
  • Operate the Sunshine Coast Healthcare Auxiliary Thrift Store.
  • Provide care and comfort services to the residents of Totem Lodge, Shorncliffe and Sechelt Hospital 2nd Floor-South extended care facilities.
  • Knit caps for every new born baby at Sechelt Hospital.
  • Hold birthday parties for residents of Totem/Shorncliffe.
  • Provide hair care services for Totem/Shorncliffe residents.
  • Fund training for extended care staff and volunteers.
  • Provide hanging baskets and bedding plants for Shorncliffe/Totem gardens.
  • Make “worry dolls” for children in the hospital.
  • Sponsor a program for junior volunteers where they have the opportunity to work alongside health care professionals. Helps youth to evaluate what it would be like to have a health care career, and a great many follow through with this ambition.Volunteer hours are often required on applications for post secondary education.
  • Send local junior volunteers to participate in BCAHA youth conferences.
  • Provide bursaries every year for Grade 12 graduates who are entering a health care program. Memorial funds are often directed as bursaries for 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students who are pursuing health care careers. Our junior volunteers are always considered when making bursary decisions.